Netflix: The Top Android App to Watch Movies

Netflix has a huge user base just like the similar apps Netflix, Hulu, and Crackle. The reason behind this is simple. Netflix App is available only for Android devices, which has many users globally, it is easy, and the library is updated with latest movies and TV shows daily.

Netflix Movie App

Also, Netflix being a good service doesn’t take advantage of displaying of annoying ads and popups. With all these factors combined, it is no doubt that Netflix is definitely the best app for watching movies and TV shows. To experience the best of Netflix on any Android device, one has to download and install it initially. You can also download the movies from this app. If you want to hide the downloaded movies or images, here is how to hide important files in your Android mobile.

Netflix: The Best Android App to Watch Movies

If you scout for Netflix in Google play store, you may not find the app. This is because Google took it down, as the app didn’t comply with its copyrights. The search results show apps similar to Netflix. Though they look intimidating, the apps won’t work properly as expected.

The only way you can enjoy the benefits of Netflix is to download the apk file and install it. There are many sources (websites) available that provide the installation file. Many sites claim they provide reliable APK files that are safe to download. Netflix has its own website that provides the installation files for free, and they are free from malware.

Review of Netflix:

Undoubtedly Netflix has no rivalry because it is magnificent in terms of performance. The app sports the best in class video quality. You can browse for movies in the search bar provided atop. If you’re not able to find a movie or TV show, you can request for the film in the request section. The user interface is sleek and is power packed with tons of features. It is very easy to navigate from one section to other within the app.


How to Hide Files on Android – The Easiest Way

How annoying is it when you give your phone to your friend to see one picture, and they start swiping left to view more. In these moments you start questioning your privacy. For teenagers, this is a major topic of debate at home with their parents, and they often find themselves quarrelling for the same reasons. Here’s how to hide files on Android phone.

Hide Files on Android

Here is a shout out to all of you dealing with such frustrating events in life, maintain some peace in your demeanour as there is a solution to every problem. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to hide all the image files on your Android device. Yes, you read right. Now you can make it a secret on your phone and not have to shed beads of sweat worrying about who is checking your phone and what you have to hide. Follow this post to hide important files on Android mobile.

How to Hide Files on Android (Image & Video)

Steps to hide image files on Android:

  1. The easiest option is to download a file locker app. There are many like Keep Safe, Hide it Pro, Vault, Gallery Lock, Photovault.
  2. Creating a pin after installing the app is the next step. You can also set a recovery address if you have forgotten the PIN.
  3. You can then add images to this app that you have installed.

Hiding Video files or Image Files Without Using a Locker App:

  • You can also download a file management app found on Google Play Store like- ES file Explorer, File Manager, ASTRO file manager.
  • You then select the pictures and shift it to the folder you want to hide it in.
  • After that, you create a new folder and put a period at the beginning fo the folder name.
  • You then change settings to enable viewing of hidden files.
  • After this, you open the new folder and create a new file where you move the pictures that you want to keep a secret.
  • Hide these files, and add the photos to the folder. You are now ready to go.

That’s all. With the above technique, you can hide videos, images and other important files on your Android. Share this word with your friends and don’t forget to comment your ideas.