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MyLowesBenefits is the official Lowes life employee resources management portal for Lowe’s Employees. Current and former employees can access Lowes employee benefits on the online portal. provides two login options. You must log in using a sales ID and password or a user ID and password.

MyLowesBenefits Login Guide

To log into the MyLowesBenefits.Com portal, follow the steps written.

  1. Visit the official MyLowesBenefits employee login page at Lowes employee Login
  2. Enter your sales ID and password, then hit the login button. A successful login will award you a “successfully logged in” message.

MyLowesBenefits Login with Alight Mobile App

To use the login with the Alight mobile app:

  1. Visit the official Lowes employee login page at Www.mylowesbenefits.Com Login.
  2. Enter your User ID before clicking “Login with Alight Mobile.”
  3. Confirm that you have installed and logged into the Alight Mobile app using your Alight Worklife credentials. Note the same credentials needed to log into the website.
  4. Allow the Alight Mobile app to use biometrics (e.g., fingerprint or Face ID).
  5. Verify that your mobile device settings for the Alight Mobile app notifications are turned on.
  6. You will be successfully logged in to the alight mobile app.
MyLowesBenefits - Login at Www mylowesbenefits Com

What are MyLowe’s Employee Benefits?

MyLowesBenefits is Lowe’s employee benefits program. Lowe’s inc is a Fortune 100 home improvement company having 260000 employees and serving over 1850 home improvement and hardware stores.

Lowe’s was founded in North Carolina as a small hardware store and has developed to become one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers. It serves about 15 million customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Please visit  to learn more about Lowe’s home improvement projects.

Lowes Employee Benefits

Mylowes employees are entitled to a lot of Lowes benefits as highlighted:

  1. Lowe’s Employee Health benefits
  • Medical Plans: Option 1, Option 2, and HDHP Plan Options are offered in most locations. HMO offerings in some states
  • Prescription Drug Plan
  • Dental Low Plan
  • Dental High Plan
  • Vision Low Plan
  • Vision High Plan
  • My Life Track Health and Wellness Benefits
  • Basic sick pay hours
  • Vision insurance
  • Prescription drugs for continuous disability
  1. Lowe’s Employee Life insurance benefits
  • Basic Term Life Insurance
  • Hourly Employee Term Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Term Life Insurance
  • Dependent Term Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  1. Lowe’s Employee Income protection benefits
  • Basic Sick Pay
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  1. Retirement benefits for Lowe’s Employees
  • 401 (k) Plan
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Time off benefits
  • Vacation payroll deduction
  • Holiday pay
  • Vacation pay

Other lowes employee benefits include:

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Purchase Lowe’s common stock at a 15% Discount
  •  Health Savings Account (HSA) 
  • Critical Illness Plan 
  • Off-the-Job Accident Plan 
  • Fixed Indemnity Plan 
  • Auto & Home Insurance 
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program 
  • Discount Tuition Program 
  • Preventive Health Plans for Part-Time Employees 
  • Part-Time Employees Dental Plan 
  • Part-Time Employees Vision Plan 
  • Part-Time Employees Short-Term Disability Plan 
  • Part-Time Employees Life Insurance Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase plans
  • Employee assistance program
  • Disability income protection

These are all the MyLowesLife Employee Benefits Programs. Please visit the official employee login page at for more information on the benefits my Lowes offers to their employees.

MyLowesBenefits.Com Eligibility criteria

Full time Hourly employees who work at Lowes get the monthly benefits. Employment status should be active; former lowe’s associates can’t get some benefits.

How soon do I get benefits at Lowes?

There is a diverse range of timelines to getting your employee benefits concerning the type of benefit. Given is an overview of how soon you get some of the significant benefits at lowes:

  1. Regular full-time employees are eligible for all health benefits after 89 days of continuous employment, except the Business Travel Accident Insurance benefit, which kicks off from the first day of work.
  2. All regular full-time salaried employees are eligible for the Short-Term Disability Insurance and the Long-Term Disability Insurance from the first day of employment.
  3. All employees are eligible for the 401 (k) Plan six months after the original Lowe’s hire date.
  4. All regular full-time employees are eligible for a stock Purchase Plan on June 1 or December 1, on or after the first day of employment. All regular hourly employees are eligible on June 1 or December 1 on or after one year of service.
  5. All regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible for vacation benefits after 180 days of employment.
  6. All regular full-time salaried employees are eligible for holiday benefits on the first day of employment. In contrast, standard full-time, hourly, and part-time employees are eligible only after 90 days of employment.
  7. Management bonus is available for high-level employees.

Please find detailed information about MyLowesLife Employee Benefits Programs at LowesBenefits.

MyLowes Benefits FAQs

Is HypeStat affiliated with MyLowesBenefits?

Hypestat is not affiliated with MyLowesBenefits. Hypestat is neither linking nor promoting MyLowesBenefits. However, HypeStat displays MyLowesBenefits data and statistics that are publicly available.

Does Lowe’s offer health insurance to employees?

Lowes offers Medical Plans, Prescription Drug plans, Dental Plans, vision plans, and My Life Track Health and Wellness Benefits as part of the health benefits.

Does Lowes have dental insurance for employees?

Part of the health insurance benefits is Lowe’s Dental Low Plan and Dental High Plan. 

What benefits does MyLowes life tracking offer?

The Lowe’s My Life Track Program offers employees and their eligible family members health and wellness programs, including lifestyle management, smoking cessation, work/life services, and legal and financial services at the hire date.

You can find more information regarding the health plans  Here.

MyLowesBenefits.Com contact details

For general customer service inquiries, call 1-800-44LOWES (1-800-445-6937)